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About Miss Birdie's Books, Inc.

"It's better to raise strong children than to repair broken adults." - Frederick Douglass (paraphrased)
 That has always been the underlying messages in the books that Birdie writes. Starting out as a way for families to communicate, Birdie started writing her children's books in 1997. As she started teaching others how to write their own books, she saw that the adults needed socio-emotional support, so she geared a lot of her writing to self-help.
Because "The best help is Self-Help"; finding a way to sow seeds and help people be better versions of themselves has been Birdie's vision. She accomplishes this through her books, curriculum, courses and coaching platforms.

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Talk To Me Series

"It's better to raise strong children than to repair broken adults." - Frederick Douglass (paraphrased)
Today, parents are finding it hard to talk to their children. The 20 year old Series, "Talk to Me" Collection of stories were written for helping families talk to each other. The stories featured deal with subjects such as: Bullying, Adoption, Abuse, Neglect, Sickness, Death; and so much more.

Stickboy And Cookie Series

The Stickboy and Cookie Series started in 2008, when Birdie's son, Bam and my niece wanted to make their own books. The 4 and 8 year olds wanted the characters to be named, "Stickboy and Cookie". and the rest is history!
The stories are based on instances of young children featuring everyday social skills and child development. The series subject matter: leadership, encouragement, accountability, bullying, friendship, being a follower, not being afraid of trying out new experiences and not giving up.


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